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Avoid unexpected pool barrier costs

As primarily pool builders, we occasionally hear frustration from homeowners when issues with the barrier come up that will incur unexpected cost to repair beyond the original pool budget. Although the barrier code reference is noted on our pool contract, confusion still exists. Typically the issues originate when the homeowner has an existing fence that doesn't comply with the code or the homeowner hires a barrier fence contractor unaware of the specific requirements for a barrier fence around a swimming pool.

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We can ease your burdens

Although Elite Pools specializes in swimming pool installation, we offer barrier fence installation in order to ease the burden of this homeowner's responsibility. Speak to one of our sales representatives about a price quote. 

Elite Pools offers competitive pricing on the barrier fence lines shown below. These product selections were made because they offer flexibility of installation to meet the code requirements. They are manufactured with higher quality material than other brands on the market. Additionally, we have an installation satisfaction guarantee. 


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Do I need a fence around my pool? 

Yes, all swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas that can hold more than 24 inches of water are required to meet Appendix V of the North Carolina Residential Code.

Do I need a fence if I have a cover pool?  

Yes, the barrier requirements are the same. The only exception the UL 2017 Alarm is not required if the cover is powered and is compliant with ASTM F1346.

I already have a fence on my property line. Do I need one around my pool?   

No, your existing Barrier fence is acceptable as long as all the requirements of Appendix V of the North Carolina Residential Code are met. Please ask your project manager for recommendations to make your existing fence complaint. All barrier fence repairs must be complete before a final building inspection can be completed.

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