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Power Safety Cover

Where a wall of a dwelling serves as part of the barrier, one of the following conditions shall be met:

  • The pool must be equipped with a powered safety cover in compliance with ASTM F1346; or All doors with direct access to the pool through that wall must be equipped with an alarm that produces an audible warning when the door or its screen is opened. The alarm must be listed in accordance with UL 2017. The audible alarm must activate within 7 seconds and sound continuously for a minimum of 30 seconds after the door or its screen is opened and be capable of being heard throughout the house during normal household activities. The alarm must automatically reset under all conditions. The alarm system must be equipped with a manual means, such as a touchpad or switch, to temporarily deactivate the alarm for a single opening. Such deactivation must last for not more than 15 seconds. The deactivation switch must be located at least 54 inches (1372 mm) above the threshold of the door; or
  • This is the only type of cover that meets ASTM F1346.  All other covers will require an alarm with a UL 2017 listing.  Security alarms with keypad beeps will not qualify as a compliant alarm.  Other means of protection, such as self-closing doors with self-latching devices, approved by the Local AHJ  are acceptable; providing the above conditions are met.

Do you offer installation of the automatic covers?

Yes! We offer the Coverstar CS3000 Automatic Pool Cover model.

Are electric pool covers worth the money?

Absolutely! You can’t put a price on saving a life, and the additional money and time that you will save from installing an automatic pool cover will be an added benefit. Unlike solar covers, automatic pool covers can be closed in a matter of seconds allowing your pool to be completely sealed when it is not in use. This prevents evaporation which is the number one contributor to heat loss. Stopping evaporation saves you money on water and chemicals as well. Learn more about the benefits of owning an automatic pool cover here.

Is an automatic pool cover a safety cover?

Yes, our automatic pool covers exceed the ASTM standard for a safety cover. Unlike manual pool covers, automatic covers can be closed in a matter of seconds so your pool can be covered whenever it is not in use. A CoverSafe automatic cover seals your pool to prevent unwanted use.

Can you walk on an automatic pool cover?

Yes, but we recommend only walking on your cover in emergency situations or to clean the surface of the cover. All of the automatic pool cover brands that we offer are ASTM F1346-91 certified and can hold a minimum of 485 lbs. (The estimated weight to support two adults to rescue a child that had accidentally fallen onto the cover.) An automatic pool cover is not meant to be jumped on or played on – excessive weight or strain on the cover can damage it over time.

Does owning an automatic pool cover require maintenance?

Yes – Our automatic pool cover systems are the most reliable systems on the market. However, just like your car, your automatic cover will run well for years to come if it is regularly maintained. Simply keeping your pool cover free of excess water, dirt, and debris that can collect in the auto cover housing can help to reduce the amount of maintenance needed.Just like brake pads on your car, pulleys and sliders will wear over time. Occasionally changing these parts will help you prevent problems.

Can an automatic pool cover be used as a winter pool cover?

Yes, read more about how to use your automatic pool cover as a Winter pool cover here.

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