Custom installed brick paver and natural stone coping.

Pool and Patio Coping makes up almost as important of a decision as choosing your pool color and pool shape.  Not only does it weigh in as an important design element but a considerable portion of the budget percentage depending on your pool package.   

What Type of Coping Should I Choose for my Pool and What's the Difference?

The three main types of coping,  brick paver, travertine/marble - natural stone, and cantilevered concrete.   The design choice is yours to match the coping to the rest of the decking or do a contrasting accent.  

What are the options that Elite Pools offers and what is included in the pool package price? For a Fiberglass Swimming pool package the Brick Paver coping is included in the package.   Currently we are offering nine color blends of 6x12 x 2 ⅜ Brick Paver Bullnose Coping.   The availability of our brick coping option does change periodically because of manufacturing variations however we always do our best to deliver on the customer selections.   

Brick Coping:   A Manufactured product typically produced with a dyed cementitious mixture put in a mold and sent through a curing process.  The installation process for a fiberglass pool package will consist of an 8-10”  thick concrete collar placed around the pool.  The Brick pavers will be placed and leveled on this concrete collar and the joints grouted.  The bottom edge of the paver between the pool wall will have a swimming pool rated silicone bead to seal the space.  

Benefits of a Brick Paver Coping

On a Fiberglass pool a brick coping makes a lot of sense for a few reasons

  1. Your guaranteed straight lines on the coping 
  2. If a stone or joint cracks we can easily make a repair that typically  blends in
  3. There's flexibility with color options and edge choice between paver and brick

Available in a natural stone alternative we have 12x24 caps in limited colors available as an add on to all Pool Packages.

Travertine/Natural Stone Coping

This coping option tends to carry a more elegant appearance and comes as an add-on option with all of the Elite pool packages.  The installation is the same as Brick paver coping.  

We work with Marmiro Stones on all Marble / Travertine Natural stone projects.  We have found their product offerings to always be of the highest quality natural stone available on the market and backed by superior customer service.     

On all Radius freeform pools we order the coping custom fabricated to your pool choice directly from Marmiro.  This eliminates unsightly angle cuts transitioning back to straight 12x24  on radius corner pools.  

The last coping option is the typical broom finished cantilever coping.  Elite Pools does not offer cantilever coping on any fiberglass pool packages.  Cantilever is considered the least expensive coping option.   We have found installing this type of coping comes with many variables that can lead to a subpar finished product.  Typically if the project is to include a deck coating over the concrete any imperfections are normally masked and the project will turn out well.  

If you would like more information about the color design choices in both Brick coping and Natural stone available from Elite Pools please reach out to one of our Project designers or stop by our Design center at 1842 Progress Rd Greenville, NC.   We have displays setup inside and outside of options available.    

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