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Although we no longer build Vinyl Liner Pools, we still maintain our expertise in the custom vinyl liner field in order to support customers we have constructed vinyl liner pools for.

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Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Liner Replacements 

Do you currently own a Vinyl Liner Pool and happen to be in need of a replacement liner? Are you pool shopping and looking for information on what's involved with replacing a vinyl liner and the associated costs?

In the early days, Elite Pools specialized in building custom Vinyl Liner Pools. Although we no longer build Vinyl Liner Pools, we still maintain our expertise in the custom vinyl liner field in order to support customers we have constructed vinyl liner pools for. We WILL measure and replace vinyl liners for any customers in our service area whether we constructed the pool or not.

What's involved with a Vinyl Liner replacement?

The process will normally begin by measuring the pool full of water or partially full.  There's no need to drain the pool for measuring; it can all be completed on the deck and the bottom doesn't have to be visible. 

Next we turn our measurements in for a drawing, once that's approved and a pattern is selected the liner order is placed. Delivery time on a custom liner will vary. It takes as long as 4 months and as quickly as 1 week for the liner to be made and shipped. Each season lead times are provided to us. We will know approximately how long it should take. We always recommended starting early in the season thinking about a liner replacement so there's no down time in the heat of the season. 

Once your liner arrives, we will schedule the installation. The overall process doesn't take very long. First day, we will remove the old liner and fittings, pull out the lights and do some general spot patching of the pool bottom if necessary. As long as significant repair is not required, we will move on to installing the liner.

Special liner vacuums are set up equally around the pool. We use a minimum of two and sometimes on a large pool we use a third. These help pull the liner tight and hold it while the pool fills with water. The vacuums are essential for a properly installed liner. We always cut in the step and the bottom drain fittings, then immediately fill the pool to approx 3-6” of water in the shallow end. Since the pool water fill is typically done with the water supply of the home it can take at least 24 hrs or longer depending on the pool size. Finally when the pool has water in the shallow end we will remove the vacuums, put the liner bead back in the track anywhere it has come loose and reinstall the light and remaining plates and fittings. That's it, now finish filling the pool!

Here is a line to PDF download of the most current liner pattern availability. Please choose 3 patterns of interest so we are able to provide you an accurate cost of available patterns

Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement cost 

The liner cost will vary based on pool size, shape ,special ledges and benches. Overall, you can expect to pay amounts around 5k for an average liner, labor for the installation, water to refill the swimming pool and chemicals. Liners on a large freeform with all the bells and whistles can shoot up in cost to 8-9k. If you just installed a vinyl liner pool or you are about to, keep in mind replacing your liner over a 20 year span can end up costing an additional 20k-30K.

Aquarius HD
Beach Pebble Blue
Blue Bonair
Blue Crystal
Blue Hampton
Blue Opal
Blue Raleigh
Blue Slate
Breaking Seawall
Carnegie Indigo
Crystal Quartz
Eclipse Amber
Falling Esagono
Flagstone Gray
Flagstone Tan
Gray Bonair
Gray Crystal
Gray Opal
Gunite Light Blue
Indigo Arctic HD
Island Wave
Ivy Indigo
Midnight Ocean
Mosaic Dark Gray
Mosaic Light Blue
Ocean Beach
Royal Amber
Sandstone Tan
Santa Barbara
South Beach
St. Barts
St. George
Terrazzo Caribbean
Terrazzo Ice
White Pacific

How long should my liner last?

The answer really depends, typically 5-9 years is what's generally expected. How well your pool water chemistry is maintained typically determines the liner life. Most liners we have been called to replace that reach the 9 year mark are still holding water, but the liner pattern is completely gone.

Does the thickness of the liner make a difference?

Yes and no. A correctly measured 20mil liner will last longer than an incorrectly measured over stretched 28mil Liner. All liners will have to stretch in order to fit correctly but there's a point where there's too much stretch, we always order the liner based on the actual measurements and don't rely on shorting the material based on the time of year. The install might take a little longer but we want to do our part to make sure the liner has its full life potential. Choose your liner based on the pattern you prefer, not the thickness. Many patterns only come in a certain thickness and some vary thickness between the floor and wall material.

When should I stop draining my pool?

Draining your pool is not recommended after the 3rd or 4th year. Typically when old vinyl is exposed to air, it will quickly shrink and become brittle. The liner will not conform to it original position and would need replaced or it will stretch the material, shorting its life significantly.

What do I do if the liner bead falls out of the track?

Secure it back in the track as soon as possible. This typically happens in the corners. It is actually normal for this to happen as the temperature of the vinyl expands and contracts; it will move and the bead lock loses its grip. Early in the liner life this is a quick easy fix. However the 3rd-4th year the material is less pliable. If you wait a month there's a chance it's not going to stretch back in the track.  

What do I do if I begin losing water in my pool?

Chasing a leak on an old liner is not economical. I recommend trying to find the leak and make a repair of the visible puncture using an underwater vinyl repair kit. We get calls asking for leak detection on old liners. It's not fair to the customer or us because likely there's multiple issues that are difficult to find even with high tech leak equipment. In the end, the leak isn't fixed and this money could have been spent towards a new liner.  

The step on my vinyl liner pool has cracks, blisters and really looks bad. Is there anything I can do with it?

When it's time to replace your vinyl liner is the best time to give your step some TLC. At the very least scrubbing it down with a stiff bristle brush and some pool shock will improve the appearance. If that didn't work, another option is to consider an ECO FINISH application over it. This will cover the small hairline cracks and if there are only a few blisters they could be repaired. There's color options available that will blend with the new liner. Ask about this option with your liner quote.

Is there a warranty on my replacement Vinyl Liner?

Yes, it's a limited warranty. The warranty card covers more of what's not covered. Typically if a warranty defect occurs, it's found within the first few weeks after installation. The liner seams and the liner bead are typically covered items that could have defects. Elite Pools participates in the GLI Gold warranty program. If a defect is found after the pool is full of water and chemicals applied, a credit will be provided for these expenses.   The liner must be registered with GLI after installation.    

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